US Electric Vehicles Sales Grew 81% In 2018

Estimates indicate that about 361,000 electric vehicles were sold in the US during the year 2018. This represents about 81% growth in the US electric vehicle market since 2017, and easily breaks the record for the best selling year ever. December also broke the monthly record for sales, estimated at 49,900 sales.

Sales numbers include both fully electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles. Fully electric vehicles represented about 66% of electric vehicles with the balance going to plug-in hybrids.

Here the sales for the top ten best selling models:

The explosive growth was helped by the mass introduction of the Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 outsold the next six best selling electric vehicles combined, and Tesla as a whole made up over 50% of sales.

Although exact figures aren’t available due to the ongoing government shutdown, estimates indicate that sales market share finished well above 2% for the year. Although final global estimates are not yet available, it is likely that global electric vehicles sales totaled around 2 million units, with a 2% or slightly better market share as well.

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