Record additions planned for next year mean the clean energy transition looks better than ever

Just twenty years ago, as the importance of climate change was becoming clear, the potential for clean energy looked bleak.

Wind and solar power together provided less than half a percent of global electricity production, and high costs were prohibitive for most countries. Hydropower remained a significant source of energy…

Electric vehicle ranges have reached new heights. When will it be enough?

At the end of October, a small group of customers took delivery of the very first production units of the Lucid Air, a luxurious electric sedan (pictured above).

Headed by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson, Lucid finally achieved their years-long journey of bringing the Air to market. Many features set…

A little-known startup has taken the automotive world by storm with the world’s first electric truck

For the past 80 years, the automotive industry has been difficult to break into. Incumbents reigned supreme, and startups — much less successful ones — were few and far between.

When electric vehicles were still in their infancy in 2012, Tesla stunned the world by bringing a successful luxury electric…

With battery costs reaching all-time lows, the future has never looked brighter for renewables

Renewable energy is taking over electricity grids around the world. Wind and solar energy now provide almost 10% of global electricity, compared to less than 1% just 15 years ago.

This dramatic transformation has been powered by increasingly low costs. According to data from the International Energy Agency, wind and…

After decades of stability in the automotive world, startups finally have a chance to compete

Since the introduction of mass-market vehicles in the early 20th century, the automotive industry has been remarkably stable. The largest automakers from 80 years ago are still mostly among the largest today. Breaking into this industry was difficult, very few succeeded.

The rise of electric vehicles — and the slow…

Mini-grids powered by renewable sources are providing electricity to low-income countries across the globe

In 2015, the United Nations developed 17 interlinked goals to achieve a “better and more sustainable future for all” by 2030. The seventh goal aspires to provide safe, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

This was a lofty goal. As of that year, more than 13% of the global…

With electric vehicle sales soaring, the end is in sight for traditional gas-powered cars

Electric vehicles have become all the hype in the automotive world — Tesla is now the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, and traditional automakers are pouring billions into electrification. But despite this, fossil fuel vehicles¹ still dominate the roads. …

European oil companies are investing aggressively in clean energy while their North American counterparts double down on fossil fuels

Not long ago, the idea that oil companies would invest heavily in clean energy seemed like a pipe dream. As the world was realizing the severity of climate change, many of the world’s largest oil companies donated millions to right wing think tanks that promoted distrust in climate science.


Slow charging times have been one of the main barriers to EV adoption. But soon, they’ll be able to refuel in just a few minutes.

One of the greatest barriers to the mass adoption of electric cars is lengthy charging times. Gas cars have multiple drawbacks, but their ability to refuel in just a few minutes is an advantage consumers are hesitant to lose. …

Brayden Gerrard

Electric Vehicles | Green Energy | Data Science | Contact: gerrard.brayden@gmail dot com

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