Electric cars are nearing a major milestone that will propel adoption to new heights

Image by Matti Blume on Wikimedia Commons

A little-known startup has taken the automotive world by storm with the world’s first electric truck

Image by Richard Truesdell on Wikimedia Commons

With battery costs reaching all-time lows, the future has never looked brighter for renewables

Image by pxfuel

After decades of stability in the automotive world, startups finally have a chance to compete

Lucid Air. Image by Ganbaruby on Wikimedia Commons.

Mini-grids powered by renewable sources are providing electricity to low-income countries across the globe

Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

With electric vehicle sales soaring, the end is in sight for traditional gas-powered cars

Image by Shilin Wang on Pixabay

European oil companies are investing aggressively in clean energy while their North American counterparts double down on fossil fuels

Image by C Morrison on Pixabay

Slow charging times have been one of the main barriers to EV adoption. But soon, they’ll be able to refuel in just a few minutes.

Image by MrsBrown on Pixabay

Hydrogen produced with renewable energy could largely replace oil if costs continue to fall

Image from pxfuel

New battery technology will unlock huge applications for electric mobility

Image by Matti Blume on Wikimedia Commons

Brayden Gerrard

Electric Vehicles | Green Energy | Data Science | Contact: gerrard.brayden@gmail dot com

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