A data-driven analysis ranking the drafting success of every NBA team

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Drafting is one of the most difficult yet crucial elements of a successful NBA franchise. From 1998 to 2019, the San Antonio Spurs made a record-tying 22 straight post-season appearances while winning five championships in the process. This incredible run was fueled by a series of strong draft picks, many of them outside of the lottery.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Sacramento Kings have now missed the playoffs for 15 straight seasons — also tying an NBA record. Unsurprisingly, this analysis shows the Kings as one of the worst drafting teams.

In this analysis, I have created…

The automotive industry is on the verge of massive disruption. The decisions companies make today might determine their fate.

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In an industry as established as the automotive industry, it’s rare to see the industry leaders diverge as fundamentally as they are today. By vehicles sold, Toyota and the VW Group are the two largest automakers in the world. When it comes to the future of electric cars, the two companies have taken firmly opposed stances.

On one side, we have Volkswagen (VW) Group, which also owns Audi and Porsche. In the aftermath of their Diesel emissions scandal, VW Group has re-invented itself with the help of new Chairman Herbert Diess. Diess has taken an aggressive stance towards electric vehicles…

Solar and wind energy took the world by storm. What comes next?

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Renewable energy has experienced an unpredictable journey towards mass adoption. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar panels at the White House as part of a broader effort to gain energy independence. Of course, since the year was 1979, the solar panels were incredibly inefficient, managing only to heat some water for the laundry and cafeteria. Still, many experts at the time thought the technology was beginning to catch on. That same year, the Energy Information Administration projected a huge take-off in solar that, in reality, wouldn’t materialize for decades.

This changed when Ronald Reagan came to office in…

Rising demand from electric vehicles and energy storage will make battery production one of the world’s largest industries

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The rise of electric vehicles is breathing new life into stagnant economies hit by the fall of automotive manufacturing. No place illustrates this shift better than Lordstown, Ohio. Beginning in 1966, General Motors’ Lordstown Assembly Plant produced more than 16 million vehicles over its lifetime. When General Motors (GM) eventually shuttered the plant in 2019, thousands were left out of work and the local economy was devastated. Local Congressman Tim Ryan referred to the closing as the “new Black Monday”.

Today, new investment is coming to Lordstown but it’s no longer to produce gas vehicles. The old assembly plant is…

Much of the population seems hesitant about buying an electric car. However, evidence says they can be persuaded

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Despite rising sales of electric vehicles, signs of hesitance remain. These barriers were made quite clear in a recent survey of US consumers by Morning Consult. First, the good news: interest in electric vehicles continued to trend upwards. 39% of people claimed they were likely to purchase an all-electric vehicle, up 6% from two years prior.

However, their survey also found some of the barriers to electric vehicle adoption. Consumers claimed it was difficult to find charging stations and expressed concerns about price. Perhaps most interesting was the results about range. 23% of consumers said they required a minimum range…

Electric cars are already taking off, but the potential for electric mobility is much, much bigger

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Electric cars are taking off. In 2020, they represented 4.6% of global sales — up from just 2.7% in 2019 and less than 1% in 2015. At the current pace, electric cars will capture an increasingly large share of the market.

However, electric cars are just the beginning of the transition to electric mobility. As batteries become cheaper and more advanced, many forms of transportation will turn to electric. Perhaps the most advanced is electric buses, of which 600,000 are currently on the roads around the world. …

For years, critics derided the impracticalities of electric vehicles. Now, the tables are starting to turn

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Electric vehicles are usually considered to be limiting compared to their gas counterparts. The range is too short; it cover cover your daily commute, but it can’t complete your summer trip to the mountains. And even if you dared attempt it, the frequent charging stops would add many hours to your itinerary. And of course, good luck finding a charging station. …

Concentrated solar power could bring a new boom to the renewable energy movement

Image by Samuel Faber on Pixabay

Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in the power grid. Nearly non-existent just 15 years ago, wind and solar energy provided over 8% of global electricity in 2019. Better yet, there is no signs that renewable energy will be slowing down anytime soon.

Using a Random Forest model to predict which rookies are going to make the All-Star team one day

Image by Keith Allison on Wikimedia Commons

During the 2010/11 NBA season, two players put up similarly solid but unspectacular rookie seasons. Evan Turner, the 2nd overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, scored 7.2 points in 23 minutes per game. Meanwhile, Paul George, the 10th overall pick in the same draft, scored 7.8 points in 21 minutes per game. Yet, from that point their careers took dramatically different paths. Paul George went on to appear in 7 (and counting) All Star games while becoming one of the most dangerous two-way players in the NBA. …

Using a Generalized Additive Model to forecast when the US vaccination effort will no longer be constrained by supply

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The race to vaccinate is on. While most developed countries have vaccinated just a few percent of their population — and developing countries are barely getting started — the US is among the countries in the lead with 21% of their population having received at least one dose. So when will the US reach a point where all those that want a vaccine have one?

To answer that question, I decided to do a quick forecast of the US vaccination effort. While this is by no means exhaustive, hopefully it yields a reasonable guess.


Data is taken from Our World…

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